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Our objective is to relieve students and young scholars of some of their workload, and help some others to make some quick money. To achieve our goal, we make use of no illegal means. Every piece of essay writing is original work. It is a combined effort by the client and the writer. The client may even choose to have their successive articles written by the same writer, or otherwise. Post delivery, rights to the article belongs to the client alone. Permission must be sought from them in order to publish it again or use it for any other purpose. Our shadow writers have no right over the article after it has been submitted.

No idea has been taken from any essay or research paper formerly published. Any resemblance is merely a coincidence. No content is aimed to malicious or to cause harm or hurt. It is purely a work of research and original content or a work of fiction. In case of any resemblance, whatsoever, we will not be held accountable. After delivery, the essays belong to the respective clients.

Client may keep tabs as the writing process continues by keeping in touch with our writers. He or she may make additions and deletions while in the writing process and afterwards. Please check our samples for the kind of work we put out for you, as then make a decision. No refund will be made without substantial reason. In case of failure to deliver work within stipulated time (which does not happen), client will be refunded the payment made towards the essay.

Our prices for essays are fixed, and they vary on the time given to us to finish the essay. They are non-negotiable. Discounts and free features change seasonally, and are non-negotiable as well. For more details please check the Terms and Conditions. Agree only if you are comfortable with our method of working.

Our objective is to render our services the best of our abilities, and relieve you a little of your workload. However, we work under some discipline and would request you to abide by them as do we. We perform best under pressure, so if you are certain you cannot take it anymore, and would like to catch your breath, leave us a message. We look forward to be use to you and establish a relationship that will last.