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How is BuyThesisOnline.com different from any other online professional writing service?

While we do agree that there are many other professional writing services available, we are the best in the market since our work is best researched, authentic and we deliver on time. We take our tasks very seriously; have a customer support system in place, working round the clock to be optimum use to our customers. We do not fabricate materials, and strive to build a strong client-writer relationship based on trust and very professional in nature.

How does the service work?

It is a very simple procedure. You can place your order for an essay or many essays, once you have read through our terms and conditions, understood our privacy policy and agree to it. You can then write to us about the essay you require, adding materials for study if you have. You may also add the pointers that may have been shared in class relevant to your essay. It is important that you add the materials and pointers if you have any, so that we can do our bit of the task better; and that is all there is to it.

Is it free?

Well, we wish we could say yes to that; but, we cannot. That, however, does not mean that we are overly priced either. Our charges are nominal, to suit a student’s pocket, conceived keeping the hardworking student in mind. Besides, there are discounts built around it, to bring further advantage to the student.

How do I monitor the progress of the essay?

Generally, the progress of the essay is updated; in the sense that in your account that you have with us you are given the progress update. You could check that. Or, if you desire further details on the progress, you can leave us a message with our customer support system, which will be forwarded to your writer. The writer will then brief us on the progress, if there is any, which will be communicated to you.

What formatting styles are available?

We write essays in all the three more popular formats, namely: MLA, APA and the Chicago style. Depending on the format you will require for your essay, we will make the necessary adjustments. However, rest assured that all our writers are well versed in all the three formats of essay writing.

How to send materials to the writer?

When you are writing to us about your essay topic, we would suggest that you attach your study materials with the order, that is, if you have them. In any other case, one can send them to us later to be forwarded to your writer. The insistence on sending the reading materials earliest is so that you writer can star work right then without having to wait for research materials. Or if you can specify what kind on materials one is to utilize, we can do our own research, get your confirmation on them and begin work.

Can I talk to my writer?

We have an ingenious system in place that allows our clients to communicate with our writers. With our 27 hour customer support system, communication is uninterrupted and transparent. However, if one does indeed wish to personally communicate with the writer, a special request must be made. This request shall be granted if only the client and the writer agree to no breach of our privacy policy. So, we request you to not exchange personal address, email address or any other information with each other.

How do I select a writer?

Specify to us the subject of your essay and we will have a handful of our writers write a 100 word abstract for you, in the manner to bid for your attention. We will send you the abstracts, and you can read them to choose which write up you liked best. The writer belonging to the write up will be writing your essay for you.

Are the writers qualified to write essays on the subjects they are appointed?

Rest assured that our writers are highly qualified. We pool in writers after careful scrutiny for the best. They are all holders of MA degree if not a PhD, in their respective fields. Therefore, a writer with a degree in the Arts will be given a paper on history to write on. Similarly in any other field of study, will a person of expertise be employed.

Can my professor find out that I’ve made use of your services?

No. Since we provide complete confidentiality, there is no way that your professor could find out. Your personal information along with the orders you place, are documented and we are liable to keep it a secret. So, until you confess about us, there is not a chance that any of your professors could come to know that you have been asking for help.

How will I receive my work?

After the research process, the writing part ensues. When that is done, the writer submits the article to our main desk. The article is then directly sent to your account and an alert message is sent along with it. You may click on the link of the alert message to reach the essay or directly download from your account.

What if I do not like the essay?

Since we trust ourselves to bring out good work, we do not think you would disapprove of the essay. However, hypothetically, even if that were to happen, you could always ask for a revision which is free of cost. If you still dislike what we put out, you could always ask for a refund.

Are there any extra charges involved?

No. There are no more charges except for the primary payment for your essay.