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We guarantee to our clientele that the articles are not copied from other sources. They are perfectly original and every article undergoes plagiarism check before submitting it to the client. Any minor similarity is done away with. Our credential as original writers is our USP and is one of the major reasons for people approaching us for essays.

Also, every article that we submit is not only a work of creative exercise; it also experiences a comprehensive research. The research helps conditioning our thought process and initiates the creative faculties into working in full steam. So, we also promise in-depth research to be undertaken for the purpose of your essay.

The next important thing into the composition of an essay is the format it is written in. MLA, APA or the Chicago style, you name it and we know it. As naturally as does writing come to us, similar is the case with formatting. Even if we are proofreading any of your articles and it needs to be composed in a specified format, we put the piece in that format. You may not be aware of it and that is okay, we are here to help you out whenever you are experiencing difficulties. Best things, we would say is that we are available to you round the clock; so no matter what time it is that you hit the bump, we are here for you. Our writers are there to help you via the 24 hour support system, so even if an idea comes to you in the dead of the night, do not shy away, just leave a message.

The next thing we promise is the non-stop tracking service. You, as our customer can keep tabs on the process of writing of your essay. You can check up on the progress of it with our writer, and they are entitled to get back to you on it. That way, if you like something or you do not, you can always give them your feedback and they can make the necessary changes to suit your requirement. To suit this two-way communication process, we make sure that this exchange takes place in real time and not a concocted farce.

Our writers are very knowledgeable and we find the best person to write for you and related to your field of work. We employ updated academic and scientific sources for our research. We assure on-time deliveries. Also, this process is backed by the client-writer involvement and the fact that our client can keep tabs on the writing process.

After submission of the essay, the rights to the article belong to the client only and complete confidentiality is maintained. We do not breach the promises that we make to our clientele. We also guarantee your money back backed by substantial backing to such a claim; affordably priced essays and a flexible discount program to suit our clientele.