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We have a money back policy also in place. However, it is not moderated by any random reason. If we are unable to deliver the essay within the stipulated time (we’re very punctual people, so, that’s not going to happen), you can demand your money back. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the work you receive from us, we advice you seek a revision. Revision does not require you to pay any more. We make the necessary changes according to your requirement and submit it again. Post revision, if you remain dissatisfied, you may seek your money back, as long as it is substantiated with reason. Refund will not be made if an order has already been placed and then the customer chooses to cancel the order.

While we’re certain that you will not be seeking your money back, nevertheless, the procedure to it is to simply leave us an email. Our email address, wherein you will be writing in your queries or feedback, is BuyThesisOnline.com. Once you have written your email, click ‘send’; and we’ll get back to you and sort it all out. It is a simple, hassle free process. Does not take much of your time, neither is it an elongated, complicated process that comes with a manual.

Need to ask for your money back hardly ever arises, we can assign that assurance when we deliver our essays. Also, since the client is very much involved along the entire process of the composition of the essay, never we have come across such a situation. We would also request our clients to read up on further details about us and our services in the FAQs section before placing an order. We wish to simplify things for our customers, which is predominantly the reason for our existence. If one has further inquiries to be made, one can always write to us about them and we shall gladly answer them. One can write to us about anything and how many times ever they wish to in case they are unable to comprehend some policy or something on the website.

 Nonetheless, the process is mentioned, if in future, such a situation may arise. The amount paid will be refunded to the customer, from the account he has made the payment from.

We have fairly good idea what we are doing. While our focus remains to help people via creative functions, we do not perceive it as a job. This is our understanding of what is fun, and we love it. All we ask of you, our valuable customers, is to have a little faith in our abilities. There is method in this whirlpool of madness, and we’ll make things work. Your finances are safe; and neither is your investment, nor your time will be a waste. The kind of work we shell out is worth every penny that you pull out of your pocket. A refund will be a concept of the distant past if you trust us enough to avail our services.