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Privacy Policy

As a competent essay writing online service, we have a strong privacy policy in place for the benefit of our customers and our writers. Content written for a client is shrouded in confidentiality. Our writers are taken on board only after they agree to a confidentiality policy, wherein, content written and once submitted becomes the property of the client, alone. If the writer is confident on being a ghost writer to many other faces, they are taken in. Since the writers are bound by this agreement, they do not flout it. Therefore, our privacy policy is not breached by the people on our end.

At the other end, that is, on the end of our clientele, we insist they agree to our privacy policy as well. By this policy, our client cannot disclose the details to the author of the essay, with whom the client works with towards the essay. One can name the service they used; however they cannot disclose the author’s or their details like email.

Also, details the client entrusts us with via their account, is kept under wraps. Their personal email or bank account details are safe and kept under strict policy security. If you wish to apply as a prospective writer as well, your personal details are in safe hands (virtual hands, but safe). The payments made towards us are withdrawn and the money back policy is also 100% percent authentic. Any monetary transaction made between the client and us or the writer and we are transparent and unambiguous. Even if you wish to withdraw your account (which is hypothetical, really), the details to your account are still kept confidential.

When you place your order, the writer will not be told who is forwarding the specifications; however, you, as client have the right to choose a writer who may have composed an essay for you earlier. Whether you disclose your identity to the writer, during the brainstorming process, is your choice. However, we do suggest that you refrain from doing that, since that, in a way, breaches our privacy policy. The point in keeping one another’s identity a secret is to keep the privacy policy air tight. Our friendly relationship can persist even if the original names are taken out of the equation. The ultimate purpose is to achieve the perfect essay, personal names and further details lose significance before that objective.

We would like to keep your identity and our writer’s identity safe and prevent any breach of policy, as well as encourage a healthy writer-client relationship, for the purpose of the essay; which would be the common ground over which your conversation with your writer may start. We assure that disclosure of content details will not be made, neither the details regarding the writer or the customer; payment details are guarded with equal security. Hard facts are, thus, beyond the reach of hackers, and no one is at risk. You have our word on it.