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Terms and Conditions

1.’Agreement’ is our Terms & conditions.

2. ‘Company’ is BuyThesisOnline.com, our professional writing service that is present at your disposal for the purpose of providing assistance to our customers. This Agreement defines the terms and conditions of the services.

3. ‘Customer’ signifies you, who will be placing an order for the purchase of an essay after having agreed to the terms and conditions of the services.

4.  ‘Writer’ is our qualified employee, who will be writing the article for you, and on behalf of the company.

5. ‘Order’ is the request made by the customer to us at BuyThesisOnline.com for the purchase of a custom essay, submitted online by the customer. It defines the requirements of the essay in terms of research and other relevant data, filed by the customer.

6. ‘Product’ is the end result-an essay, a research paper or any other academic writing-which the writer composes for the customer and submits it to us so that we may forward it to the customer in order to complete the process of delivery.

7. ‘Order Status’ is literally the progress report of the essay while it is still being composed by the writer.

8. ‘Product Revision’ is a special request made by the customer to us in case there is some disapproval regarding the article. In such a situation, the final output that had been submitted will be edited to produce a cleaner version, based on the initial requirements specified by the customer.

9. ‘Quality Assurance Department’ refers to the part of the company which ensures that the final product maintains the standard and quality claimed by the company in its articles.

10. ‘Support Team’ is another sector in the company that works all round the clock providing critical assistance to the customer to coordinate the order process and also works as the medium of communication between the customer and the writer.

11. ‘Messaging System’ is the unique method devised to maintain the flow of communication between the customer and the writer.

12. ‘Verification Process’ refers to the confirmation of the billing identity of the customer to prevent fraud.

13. ‘Store Credit’ is the money account of the customer within the company website.

14. The company values its customer’s privacy status highly. We refuse to disclose any personal information related to our clients; also, in order to prevent online accounts from being hacked, we have a sophisticated online payment system in place, under the scrutiny of Authorize.net.

15. However, the company will not be responsible for the repercussions experienced in case of disclosure of personal information of the customer, occurring beyond its control. Information added by the customer like name, address, email, contact details etc. are used for the verification process, alone. Additional documents for the verification are deleted from the company database post verification.

16. The customer is prohibited by directly communicating with the writer and exchanging personal information keeping the customer’s identity security in mind. To suit the customer’s requirement, he or she may communicate with the writer via the support team, whose help is provided to the customer 24/7.

17. As soon as the order payment is made, the subject along with the materials and further details are made visible to the writer so that work on the project can be started. The company strongly recommends against sharing personal information or billing information on the order form, as well as via the messaging system.

18. The company provides personalized research and writing services written by professional, qualified, independent writers, in order to assist completion of the customer’s academic obligations and assignments. It does not guarantee best grades, but we do try to help you achieve them.

19. All intellectual rights to the article belong with the company, while the customer has the exclusive permission to use the product for a period of six months. After the completion of the time period, the product inadvertently becomes the sole property of the company.

20. While placing the order, it is the responsibility of the customer to furnish the correct information in terms of email address, or other contact details as well as verification details. Contact information is necessary in case we require to get in touch with our customers over order preparation, or to keep them updated on the order progress.

21. It is also necessary that the customer make the payment as well as furnish correct monetary details, so that we can begin working on the product after going completion of the verification process. Our objective is complete customer satisfaction, which we do not wish to experience any hindrance over money matters.

22. The customer is solely responsible for providing correct information regarding the article subject, and viable materials related to it. The company cannot work towards an implied guarantee if the customer fails to provide correct instructions and additional information. The company also advises the customer to ask for revision based only on the initial instructions and descriptions issued by the customer.

23. For the completion of the order, the writer may use sources available to the writer’s disposal including online publications, books, journals, etc. If there are specific sources that the writer may not use, the customer has to mention that in the instructions supplied to the writer. Or if there are sources that the writer must consult, that too needs to be specified by the customer.

24. It is also the responsibility of the customer to choose the academic level for the product as well as the format required to be utilized for the composition of the product. In case of an accidental mistake or otherwise, it is important that the customer bring it to the notice of the support team, so that we may make the necessary changes.

25. The company also advises its customers to keep checking with the Messaging services for updates regarding the progress of the product, as well as in case of any other communication made to the customer. Ask questions, add remarks and concerns regarding the product and be in touch with us. The company will not make any refunds in case the customer fails to the communications made out towards them.

26. If the details in the order are not consistent with the instructions in the order, the company will not process the order. However, if the customer has not taken care and incorrect academic level, wrong product type, deadline extension or has failed to provide correct product description, additional charges may be levied in order to correct that mistake. This is done keeping the best interests of the customer in mind.

27. The company advises it customers to keep in touch with the support staff or the writer via the messaging service so that product progress can be notified. The following notifications may be sent out to the customer:

  • Order is not paid.
  • Research started.
  • Preparing.
  • Order completed. Download.
  • Order returned for revision.
  • Hold order.
  • Cancelled.

28. Product is always delivered within stipulated deadline chosen by the customer. After having sent the product tot eh customer, the company will not be held responsible if the customer cannot download it. Customer will be charged for the product as usual.

29. The customer understands and agrees to the terms of this Agreement and if part of this agreement is to be held as illegal in court, the rest of the agreement shall stand as it does. It cannot experience a breach, by either the customer or the company. Both sides agree and accept it.